FMNT rubrique Fédération 2022

Europe et international

By promoting interactions between its member laboratories and by consolidating their complementary expertise, FMNT is able to provide joint contributions, with strengthened impact, during proposals preparation in response to European calls. This led to several successful proposals across the different European framework programs, starting from FP6 (IST/NOE n°506844 SiNano) and FP7 (IST/NOE n°216171 NanoSil and ICT/NOE n°257375 NanoFunction) to H2020 (ICT/CSA/685559 NEREID, ICT/RIA n°687931 Nanonets2Sense, Flag-ERA/JTC Convergence or FETOPEN/RIA n°863227 PULSE-COM), most of them being coordinated by FMNT researchers.

FMNT is also an active member of Sinano Institute, European Academic and Scientific Association for Nanoelectronics, where it is represented by the Grenoble Institute of Engineering and Management of UGA. As such, FMNT is also involved in the European contribution to roadmapping activities of the IEEE International Roadmap for Devices and Systems™ (IRDS), with special focus on More than Moore activities.