Méridiennes Télécom en avril

Les animateurs de l’axe Composants et circuits pour les télécoms propose un nouveau format de présentation des domaines de recherche de l’axe : 1 fois par mois, à 12h, 1 orateur, 1 exposé de 30 minutes et 30 minutes de questions.
Lieu : Phelma - salle Z205
Début : 12h
Orateur : Julien Poette - CROMA
Titre : Integrated optics on glass for terahertz communication

Résumé :
Increasing the communication frequency is an essential solution to meet the need for higher bit rates while lowering latency and maintaining user mobility. While 5G has paved the way for operation at 60GHz, the 6G roadmap is already geared toward sub-terhertz frequency (>100GHz) before 2030. In this presentation, we will present why optical heterodyning is considered one of the best potential solutions to this problem. An original solution based on lasers integrated on glass will be detailed, combining the reduced size of integrated structures with the exceptional spectral performances of solid state lasers. Preliminary results using theses lasers have already shown low bit error rates for communications up to 275GHz, and interesting properties are foreseen for optical coherent communication.